Zoë Clark and Chase Biado
Curated by Sam Korman
February 23 - March 30, 2013
Opening reception February 23, 7 - 10pm

For some misdeed or other, Pierrot had in the end to be guillo­tined. Why the guillotine rather than the gallows, in the land of Albion? I do not know; presumably to lead up to what we were to see next. Anyway, there it was, the engine of death, there, set up on the French boards, which were markedly surprised at this ro­mantic novelty. After struggling and bellowing like an ox that scents the slaughter-house, at last Pierrot bowed to his fate. His head was severed from his neck – a great red and white head, which rolled nois­ily to rest in front of the prompter's box, showing the bleeding disk of the neck, the split vertebrae and all the details of a piece of butcher's meat just dressed for the counter. And then, all of a sudden, the de­capitated trunk, moved by its irresistible obsession with theft, jumped to its feet, triumphantly 'lifted' its own head as though it was a ham or a bottle of wine, and, with far more circumspection than the great St. Denis, proceeded to stuff it into its pocket!

- Charles Baudelaire, “On The Essence of Laughter” [1855]

Zoë Clark has participated in exhibitions with Recess Gallery, half/dozen, Place, and Car Hole Gallery. She was a founding member of 12128, an exhibition space and studio. Clark recently published an anthology of her collaborative publication series, Summer Sigs with Container Corps this fall. She currently lives and works in Portland, OR.

Chase Biado has participated in exhibitions with 12128, Ditch Projects, Car Hole Gallery, Recess Gallery, University of Ulsan, South Korea, and Appendix Project Space. He currently lives and works in Portland.

Sam Korman is the assistant director of White Flag Projects. He has curated exhibitions in Portland, Marfa, and St Louis. Korman has contributed texts to Pastelegram, BOMBlog, and numerous exhibition catalogs. He was the founder of Car Hole Gallery. Korman lives and works in St Louis. He will also be presenting at the sophiajacob lecture series on February 24th at Floristree, from 8-10pm.

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This exhibition is funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council of Portland, Oregon.